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3. Create your own web space.

Our event interface is quick and easy to use. Start by creating your account by going to the link below.
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2. Let Streamintickets.com do the work

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Create an exciting, easy to use, tickets sales web space for your events
in minutes.

Select your own URL based on availability.

Select the website currency to be used.

Design your own web space.

Define your Methods of Delivery including the text and pricing to be displayed.

Setup your Events and Pricing.

You have the option of adding an Event \ Facility Fee to cover outside costs.

We give you the ability to collect sale profile information at the price level.

Members can be offered free tickets or coupons depending on the
membership types that are setup by you.

Setup your own Access Control logic for Scanning.

Customize your own Online Tickets.

Collect Money Fast and Easy

Use your own Third Party Merchant Account and the money goes directly
into your account. You will then be invoiced a low per ticket fee.

Use our merchant account and a per transaction fee will be added to the
per ticket fee. Our current rate is 2.5% of the transaction plus .15
per order.

Customers have the ability to sign up and buy tickets fast and easy on our
simple to use interface.

Collect money with flexible delivery options.

Ability to setup the site for in house sales or used in a call center environment.
There is an option to add a remote operator surcharge to the price of the ticket
to cover any cost associated with this option.

Select your scanning option (Web browser using high speed internet
connection, Desktop/Laptop using a USB scanning device, or Handheld
wireless Symbol MC55 scanner).

Download our free of charge TixEntry scanning application to meet your
scanning needs.

Streamintickets can provide the scanning equipment for your event .

Customer Marketing Fast and Easy

Customer marketing allows you to connect with your customers and build
excitement for upcoming events using our built in marketing tools.

Ability to send broadcast emails to your customers, members, or patrons.

Customers have easy access 24/7 to print their e-tickets to any of your
events through the My Account section.

Customers have the My Account section 24/7 to update any of their
membership information online.

Customers have the ability to opt out of any future mailing on the site at

Ability to track and update pass end dates for memberships online.

Reports Fast and Easy

Online real-time reporting on the status of all your events.

Batch printing for Will Call, Courier or Postal Mail method of delivery.

Ability to download a .csv (comma-separated values) file of all the customers
for your event at anytime.

Online real-time view of a patrons record. Includes name, address, phone,
email, all sales history, marketing campaigns, scan history, member coupons
used or remaining.

We offer you the ability to track membership information and have it visible
online 24/7. Membership Pass Start Dates and Pass End Dates and to link
to an External Member Number if necessary.

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Email: sales@streamintickets.com
Phone: Christine Dick 905-231-2063